About Anita Burroughs


Why I am running for the State House

I have been asked, why did you decide to run for the state legislature?  It all started on election night in November of 2016.   I was concerned about what the election meant for the future of our country and our state; I felt that we were about to take a direction that would set us back in time.  

Like many others in our community, I felt anxious and afraid of where the nation and New Hampshire was headed.  But I soon realized that I had a choice; I could immerse myself in anger, or I could do something constructive.  I could not change what had just transpired in our election, but I could take action by running for the state legislature.  I knew how important it would be for our state government to mitigate the impact of new laws and policies coming from Washington, and that it was critical to elect state house reps who reflect our values and act on our concerns.  I believe that I have the skills and tenacity to be the voice of Bartlett and Jackson in Concord.

I have been committed to community service since I moved to Bartlett 22 years ago.  I am one of the founding board members of the Conway Area Humane Society, where I served as board chair for seven years.  Currently, I serve on the board of Starting Point; Services for the Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence, where I was board chair for three years and chaired the popular Boots 'n Bling event.  I am known as an individual who is passionate about my work and able to gets things done. 

My Background

I was raised in New Jersey by two parents who worked incredibly hard in a small jewelry manufacturing business to take care of our family.  My dad often worked six or seven days a week; during his busy season, it was not unusual for him to sleep in his office.  My mom worked equally hard, playing a key role in managing the business. I was blessed to have grandparents who lived with us; they were able to care for me when my parents were working.     

I went to the University of Wisconsin, and then transferred and graduated from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.  After working for several years as a social worker, I went to graduate school and received an MBA from Boston College.  I went on to work in the high tech industry for over 20 years in marketing management.

I met my husband Jonathan on a daytime talk show hosted by Tom Bergeron of Dancing with the Stars more than 25 years ago.  Its a long story, but we have been together ever since that fateful meeting.  Many of you have met Jon in Memorial Hospital's emergency room, where he worked as the director.  My two step-children, Seth and Serena were young when we met, and are now adults living in Brooklyn and Anchorage Alaska.  We are now blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law, Elli, and a beautiful grandchild, Aris.  He is now over a year old, he loves climbing up and down the stairs, ideally upside down.  

Work History

Straight out of college, I worked as a social worker for a drug treatment program for young adults in Quincy Massachusetts.

After receiving my MBA from Boston College, I worked in the high tech industry for twenty years in marketing, for Digital Equipment Corporation and other  smaller computer companies.  Upon moving to Bartlett, I ran an online jewelry company, and then created a successful personal chef and catering company, The Everyday Gourmet; I still get calls today asking me to cater events.

Today I work in the national healthcare consulting business founded by my husband, where I manage operations, the company financials, marketing and social media.  It's an awesome job, and I love the creativity I am able to bring to the table.

Community Service

I have been active in the Mt. Washington Valley since moving here with my husband 22 years ago.

  • Founding board member, Conway Area Humane Society
  • Served as Conway Area Humane Society board chair for seven years, serving on the board for eleven years
  • I have been on the board of directors for Starting Point; Services for the Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence for five years.
  • I served as Starting Point's Chair of the Board of Directors for three years
  • I was the chair of Starting Point's annual fundraiser, Boots 'n Bling, managing the most successful auctions in the agency's history
  • My husband and I fostered over 20 Brittany Spaniels for a rescue organization, adopting two of them
  • I am currently the secretary of Carroll County Democrats, and the town chair for Bartlett Democrats